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Divadeep's mobile app allows you to complete nano-influencer tasks and/or product testing campaigns. Have your say on famous brands, share your opinion about new products on your Social Media accounts and get rewarded for it.

The app is really easy to use: Download it for free on Google Play or Apple Store and register; Participate in campaigns available in your country*; Collect Divadeep points and cash out your points with the payment platform of your choice!

Our mobile app is the bridge between businesses and customers. We organise various market studies and manage every user: from registering until they receive their rewards. For our clients, it is a perfect opportunity to get valuable insights about products and/or services for potential customers. And for you to give your opinion and be paid for it!

*Please, note that we may not have live campaigns in your country. Go to "Campaigns" page to see where Divadeep has available campaigns at the moment.




For more information about Divadeep app, please visit our FAQ.

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